Kindergarten to High School Online Art Classes

There are twenty lessons in each class. Designed so that parents can help guide their younger students through their lessons, to having the older students work independently at their own pace.

Click on the button below to register your child and pay for the course.   Once I receive a registration notification and payment, then I will send your child an invitation to join the class.

Below is are images to show you examples of the format we will be using. Each child should have there own email. If we use a parent email, the parent name shows up for the students. Some kids don’t mind, but I have had a few students who have wanted their names on the class.

Invite students

It is an online google classroom format and students will be able to interact with me.  If they have any questions they are more than welcome to contact me or ask for critiques.  Below is an example as to what the format for the class will look like.

sample google classroom

Each lesson will start with a slide show and/or video instruction. At the end of the slide show a “task” will be given in which the students must complete. Below is an example of a lesson presented as a slide show.

sample of the lesson

Then the students will submit the “task”  via email or submit in the google classroom.

Included in the cost of the classes are the lessons, material list and handouts.

Elementary and Middle School Art Classes are $40.00 for the twenty week course. 

High School Studio Art $60.00 for the twenty week course.

Digital Photography is $60.00 for the twenty week course.

If you would like to purchase materials for the courses please go to the “Art Store” tab to view and purchase the needed material kits.

Click on the button below of the class of your choice.  The button will bring you to the registration and payment page. 

Art Class k-2 button Art Class button grades 3 and 4 Art Class 5th and 6th grade button

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